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Cortona brand

Grocery, Dairy, Fruits & Vegetables, Pork & Processed Meats

The art of Italian cuisine… made easy.


The Dart story begins with a small machine shop in Mason, Michigan known as Dart Manufacturing Company.

Discover KOCH Foods

Since 1985, Koch Foods has provided top quality products and unparalleled service at great prices. With quality, service, and a focus on value, Koch Foods is the preferred supplier of fresh and frozen poultry products for food service and retail operators around the world.


Home is where the food is. At least, that’s our belief at Heinz. We’re passionate about serving up good food, and we know you are too. You want to make the most of every moment with your loved ones. You look for delicious, nutritious food that you can easily make at home. You won’t settle for anything less than exceptional quality and taste.


We’re standing up for wonderful, magical, tasty, flavorful, happy, joyful, adventurous, heart-warming, belly-filling, life-affirming, thoughtful, lovely, amazing, familiar, exotic, fast, slow, delicious, good food.

High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods is the foodservice industry’s premier seafood company, offeringIcelandic Seafood Brand,American Pride SeafoodBrand, FPI ® Brand and Viking Brand products. Our core brands give us the unique ability to serve our customers with a variety of processed and unprocessed seafood that meets their diverse needs. With innovative, award-winning seafood,High Liner Foods is at the forefront of the latest culinary trends. Our broad portfolio is shaped by consumer insights and is complemented by an unwavering dedication to providing excellent service and consistently superior customer satisfaction.

Highland Market

Reach new heights.


Since 1891, the Hormel® brand has been synonymous with quality, value and innovation. Our founder, George A. Hormel held a strong commitment to quality, which has based on providing his customers a superior product that would keep them coming back for more.


A recognized leader in turkey.

At Jennie-O Turkey Store, we believe that eating well shouldn’t come at the cost of taste. And since 1940, we’ve been in the business of delivering on that mantra. From deli meats to whole turkeys to ground turkey and sausages, we offer more than 1500 products and recipes that make it easy to eat well.


Creativity and innovation have been at the head of everything our chefs do for over 175 years.

Lamb Weston



For more than 60 years, Lamb Weston has been a leading supplier of frozen potato products to customers around the world, and a bellwether of innovation within the potato industry. Our high-quality, high-profit line of french fries and prepared potato products can be found on every continent across the globe, from restaurants in Paraguay to grocery stores in Prague, and at thousands of retail locations in between. Our secret?


Add Delectable Flavors to Your Meals with LeGout Food Products


In the food industry, NORPAC Foods, Inc. has always been an innovator.

NORPAC was the first to pack frozen vegetables in the poly bags that are now the industry standard. The first to introduce "value-added" vegetable blends, Cobbettes® (the first 3" frozen corn cobs) and the first variety of frozen stir fry vegetables.

The innovative spirit that has driven the people of NORPAC since 1924 continues today. NORPAC farmers and processors continue to work closely with universities, industry associations, and seed companies to create ever-improving varieties of products.

Ocean Horizons


Our lines run deeper.

Pierce Foods

Totally focused on chicken. Truly fanatical about your success.

Chicken makes up a quarter of revenue for most operations today. It’s an essential ingredient to your success. That’s why selecting the right supplier is critical. Choose Pierce Chicken® for products that are always in great taste.

Red Gold

We are tomato people…people who grew up where tomatoes grow best - Tomato Country. Red Gold began as a family business in 1942. Seventy years and four generations later, we still concentrate on growing tomatoes and using them to make over a hundred different products. Day in and day out, we pursue our mission, "To produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world."

Rochester Meat

Since 1960 Rochester Meat Company has used its mid-western work ethic to set the innovation bar high. There’s not a better example of Rochester’s problem solving nature than the creation of the Cloud burger. A totally unique idea that combines all the goodness of a hand formed burger with the ease of a frozen one. It’s this kind of problem solving for clients that’s sure to make your business even better.

SunSource Fruits & Vegetables

Your menu, in a whole new light. LAUNCHING FALL 2018!

Sweet Source

Perfection at your fingertips.

Unilever Food Solutions

We're a foodservice business built by Chefs, for Chefs. Everything we do centers around making your life a little easier in the kitchen.

UniPro Foodservice

UniPro Foodservice, Inc.® is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States, with over $66 billion in buying power which directly benefits you. Our distributors provide quality foodservice products to over 800,000 customers just like you. This assures you the optimum variety of product, at competitive prices. The UniPro network of distributors is dedicated to be your local market source for quality products and services.


One brand, endless solutions.

Vienna Beef

Vienna Beef was founded in 1893. Austrian-Hungarian immigrants Emil Reichel and Sam Ladany introduced their family frankfurter recipe at the legendary Columbian Exposition. The hot dog was a hit, and Vienna Beef was born.

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